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Abstract #1301

MR Imaging of the Thorax during Whole-body MRI: Evaluation of different MR Sequences and Comparison to thoracic CT

Meyer B, Nentwig T, Wacker F, Wolf K, Frericks B
Charit, Campus Benjamin Franklin

The diagnostic accuracy of four MR sequences (axial and coronal T2w-STIR, axial T2w-TSE, contrast-enhanced 3D-VIBE) for lung imaging in a whole-body MRI protocol for cancer patients was evaluated. MDCT detected 63 pulmonary lesions in 24 tumor patients. Sensitivities of the MR-sequences were: axial STIR 89%, coronal STIR 91%, axial T2w-TSE 87%, axial CE-3D-VIBE 81%. A maximum of 2 false positive findings were detected with each sequence. All missed lesions were either calcified or smaller than 5mm. Our results indicate that pulmonary MR imaging as part of a whole-body MRI is feasible and yields a diagnostic accuracy comparable to chest CT.