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Abstract #1305

Human Pulmonary pO2 at 0.2T with Hyperpolarized 129Xe

Patz S, Muradian I, Hrovat M, Butler J, Topulos G, Ketel S, Ruset I, Covrig S, Hersman F
Brigham and Women's Hospital

Variable flip angle techniques may be used to enhance measurements of intrapulmonary pO2 and temporal pO2 depletion utilizing hyperpolarized gasses. The Bloch equations have been modified to take into account the effects of magnetization depletion due to rf excitation. Thus new sequences are devisable to potentially provide a more sensitive indicator of lung pO2 and in particular temporal pO2 depletion due to Oxygen uptake. Regional pO2 measurements with hyperpolarized 3He have been reported [1,2]. Initial results are reported using hyperpolarized Xe in humans indicating that interpretation of hyperpolarized Xe measurements as a measure of intrapulmonary pO2 is potentially more difficult.