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Abstract #1307

Oxygen-enhanced MRI of the lung at 3 Tesla: Feasibility and T1 relaxation times

Raya J, Dietrich O, Fasol U, Peller M, Reiser M, Schoenberg S
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

The purpose of this study was to demonstrate the feasibility of oxygen-enhanced MRI (O2-MRI) of the lung at a field strength of 3 Tesla and to determine the T1 relaxation time of lung tissue at 3 Tesla during inhalation of room air and oxygen. 3 volunteers were examined with a non-selective saturation recovery HASTE sequence. The mean T1 values of lung tissue found were (1281124)ms during inhalation of room air and (1102135 ms during inhalation of oxygen, i.e. oxygen breathing reduced T1 by 14%. Our results demonstrate that O2-MRI of the lung using a saturation-prepared HASTE sequence is feasible.