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Abstract #1329

Parametric Mapping of Ex-vivo Mouse Lung at 9.4 Tesla with Air-Inflation Fixation Method

Uematsu H, Wehrli S, Takahashi M, Hatabu H, Asakura T
University of Fukui

We hypothesized that MRI of isolated lungs would produce a considerable signal enabling characterization of the relaxation times of various lung disorders. Wild-type mice and transgenic sickle mice were included in the study. Diffuse signal increase was demonstrated in transgenic mice lungs. The mean T1 and T2 of transgenic mice were significantly lower than those of wild-type mice. Histological analysis of transgenic mice lungs revealed numerous deformed red blood cells occupying the capillaries and small vessels, causing significant reduction in relaxation time due to deoxy-Hb. T1 and T2 characterization may provide additional information regarding lung disorders.