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Abstract #1333

Registered 3He Ventilation and 1H Perfusion Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI in the Rodent Lung

Mistry N, Johnson G, Pollaro J, Hedlund L
Duke University, Duke University

Pulmonary function estimates for disease models such as pulmonary emboli, airway obstruction, pneumonitis provide useful information to the pulmonary physiologists. Dynamic contrast enhanced (DCE) MRI is difficult to perform in the rodent lungs due to its low proton density, large number of air/tissue interfaces, and higher spatio-temporal resolution requirements compared to humans. This work explores the feasibility of performing combined 3He (ventilation) and DCE 1H (perfusion) imaging in the rat. Successful dynamic first pass data acquisition is possible using multiple controlled bolus injections. Qualitative and quantitative analysis can be performed providing useful functional ventilation/perfusion information.