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Abstract #1359

Evaluation of mesh photomultiplier tube operation for dual modality PET/MRI systems

Peng H, Handler W, Gilbert K, Scholl T, Simpson P, Chronik B
University of Western Ontario

Beside the benefits achieved in combined PET/CT, several additional advantages can be achieved in PET/MRI such as better spatial and temporal correlation, flexible imaging region location and dynamic studies with fMRI. Field cycled MRI (FC-MRI) is an alternative method for performing an MRI that uses two resistive magnets in place of the single superconducting magnet. Two major characteristics of this system, open bore configuration and low fringe field distribution facilitate the design of a PET/FC-MRI system and reduce the magnetic field immunity requirement of PET detectors. A mesh photomultiplier tube (PMT), is expected to be more immune to the magnetic field than conventional PMTs and potentially be used to improve the PET system resolution. The feasibility of implementing the simultaneous PET/FC-MRI based on mesh PMTs was studied.