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Abstract #1362

Development of Endoscopic Radiation Probe for fusion imaging with MRI

Goto T, Carlos E, Iwadate Y, Tsukamoto T, Motomura H, Maekawa A, Watabe K, Sato H, Kanoi T, Saito K, Iida H
GE Yokogawa Medical Systems Ltd.

Endoscopy and X-ray have been used broadly in diagnostic tests for digestive organs. However these tests are not functional and detectability of early stage cancers depends on the experience of the radiologist. We propose a new fusion imaging of MRI and an endoscopic radiation probe (ERP) detecting 18F-FDG. A MRI marker was prepared to register both images. The ERP sensitivity was 18.4 cps/kBq and signals from point sources (3.8 KBq, 16.1 KBq) were separated in spite of the existence of a gamma ray background. MIP images of the MRI marker allowed us to identify the angular direction of the marker.