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Abstract #1371

Discrete Design of an Insert Gradient Coil for Head Imaging in High Field MRI

DeMeester G, Shvartsman S, Morich M
Philips Medical Systems

We present designs for a transverse head insert gradient coil using a discrete coil design method. The targets for the gradient are: 60mT/m gradient strength, 600mT/m/ms slew rate, and 24cm FoV. The gradient is sized to fit within a whole body gradient. In designing such a gradient we use the method of z-intercepts. The concept of this approach is that all characteristics of a transverse gradient can be expressed through the set of z-intercepts where the coil current patterns intersect the cardinal axis =0, for an X-gradient. Unshielded symmetric design with shoulder cutouts and shielded asymmetric design are investigated.