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Abstract #1397

Three-Dimensional Catheter Tracking Using Real-Time Volumetric Imaging

Brnert P, G. Hill D, Razavi R, Winkelmann R, Noble N, Muthurangu V, Boubertakh R
Philips Research Laboratories

Passive catheter visualization in MR guided cardiac catheterization is limited by ambiguity in catheter identification as well as the need for manual tracking. In this study we present an adaptive subtraction technique that allows safe and automated 3D passive catheter tracking in real-time interventional volumes. Results on a volunteer and a vessel phantom showed that the tip of a balloon angiographic catheter could be successfully localized and tracked in 3D, in the presence of both cardiac and respiratory motion. The three-dimensional nature of this technique can thus greatly improve catheter navigation and reduce the need of a skilled operator.