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Abstract #1399

Towards MRI-Guided Vascular Intervention with an Electromagnetic Tracking System and 3D Navigation Software

Nevo E, Jolesz F, Fetics B, Samset E, Kacher D, DiMaio S
Robin Medical

MRI-guidance has increasing potential to augment or replace conventional X-ray fluoroscopy in cardiac, peripheral-, and neuro- vascular interventions. Recently, an FDA approved electromagnetic tracking system that utilizes the scanners gradients has emerged. Coupling such tracking systems with near real-time imaging and 3D visualization of previously acquired data sets yields a powerful tool for the interventionalist. The position and orientation of a sensor is determined by comparing the gradient coil current to the induced current in the coils of the sensor. Feasibility of navigation was shown with fusion of rendered roadmap images to real-time images acquired based on sensor position.