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Abstract #1445

3.0T MRI-guided breast interventions: first clinical experience

Houwert K, van den Bosch M, Meeuwis C, Schipper M, Mali W, Fernandez-Gallardo M, van Hillegersberg R
University Medical Center Utrecht

In this feasibility study we report our first clinical experience with MRI-guided breast interventions in a 3.0T closed bore magnet. We developed a high-resolution T1-FFE protocol (voxel 0.66x0.66x0.80) for optimal assessment of lesion morphology and monitoring of the needle during the biopsy procedures. Three MRI-guided needle localizations were performed by using a freehand technique and four MRI-guided large core needle biopsies were performed with a commercial available stereotactic biopsy device. All procedures were technically successful resulting in 3 benign lesions and 4 malignant lesions. Needle artifacts were reduced to a maximum of 5mm in diameter for the 13-gauge guiding needles.