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Abstract #1449

Motorized remote-center-of-motion constraint robot to assist MR-guided microwave thermocoagulation of liver tumors

Morikawa S, Inubusi T, Haque H, Murakami K, Naka S, Kurumi Y, Morita M, Demura K, Hata N
Shiga University of Medical Science

In order to assist MR image guided microwave thermocoagulation therapy of liver tumors, we have developed a motorized robot, which consists of a passive end effecter with two-degree-of-freedom rotation and active XYZ-base stages with three-degree-of-freedom. The remote-center-of-motion constraint of this robot worked properly in the magnet to catch the target from various positions and it is helpful for surgeons to choose optimal puncture route. The design of this robot is also competent for the clinical use in the near future.