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Abstract #1456

The Response Of The Fetal Brain To Antenatal Hypoxia-Ischemia Detected By Diffusion-Weighted Imaging

Prasad P, Drobyshevsky A, Tan S, Derrick M, Englof I, Ji X, Wyrwicz A
Evanston Northwestern Healthcare

We utilized a clinically relevant fetal animal model which exhibits a CP phenotype in newborn rabbit pups following fetal H-I, to examine the feasibility of developing prognostic biomarkers of later brain injury. Time course of ADC of individual fetus brains was examined serially during hypoxia period, and after 4, 24, 72 hours on GE 3T magnet. To investigate regional differences during hypoxia with higher spatial resolution, diffusion weighted imaging were performed on fetuses at E25 and E29 with a surface coil on 4.7 T Bruker scanner.