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Abstract #1459

Spatiotemporal pattern of USPIO enhancement in experimental stroke lesions depends on the type of ischemic injury: a 9,4 T MRI study

Schroeter M, Irkens M, Celik A, Oros-Peusquens A, Saleh A, Shah N, Jander S
Heinrich Heine-University

Focal cerebral ischemia elicits a profound inflammatory response which essentially contributes to the functional and morphological sequelae of stroke. USPIO enable the visualization of cellular inflammation. We investigated two stroke models that distinguish divergent stroke pathogenesis and pathophysiology. At the early stage of 2 days after ischemia iron deposition could be only detected in the transient MCAO model whereas in permanent ischemia induced via PT iron-positive cells did not appear before 7 days after the insult. USPIO-enhanced MRI is therefore capable to noninvasively detect pathophysiological heterogeneity and might be a promising tool for targeting anti-inflammatory therapy in stroke.