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Abstract #1498

The association of low-dosage sex hormone replacement therapy and the aging brain using 3.0T MR scanner

Ling H, Yu J, feng f, Qinsheng G, Mingli L
Peking Union Medical College Hospital

Dementia and memory loss are society problem in aging persons. The incidence of dementia in postmenopausal women is much higher than the same years men. Alzheimers disease closely related to E2 levels. But a lot of data show normal-dose HRT can do noting about preventing dementia to PMW. In our research work, Using 3.0T MR scanner, we can evaluate whether small-dose(1/4 less) long-term hormone replacement therapy is useful to prolonged degeneration of aging brain. Hippocampus atrophy and small cerebral vascular disease are two main character of dementia. According this research we draw the conclusion that small-dose long-term HRT can postpone PMW from brain early degeneration.