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Abstract #1500

Neuroprotective effect of long-term low dose hormone replacement therapy on postmenopausal women brain hippocampus

Ling H, Yu J, feng f, Qinsheng G, Yun Y, Pingping Z
Peking Union Medical College Hospital

Dementia and memory loss are society problem in aging persons. Alzheimers disease closely related to E2 levels. But a lot of data show normal-dose HRT can do noting about preventing dementia to postmenopausal women. In our research work, we select PMW (HRT group 14 cases, control group 11 cases)with susceptible genes of AD (ApoE3/4) , using 3.0T MR scanner we measured the hippocampus volumes, showed that the left and right hippocampus volumes in the HRT group were larger than the control group, and there were obvious differences (P<0.05). which indicate that long-term low dose HRT can avoid hippocampus atrophy, which is beneficial to maintaining function of brain and prevention of AD.