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Abstract #1523

Dynamic MRI of Vocal Cords using Carotid Phased Array Coils.

Lehnerdt G, Wanke I, Jeyrani R, Ladd S, Maderwald S, Schlamann M
University of Essen Medical School

The aim of this study was the evaluation of a noninvasive method to assess the motility of the vocal cords in patients with hoarseness of unknown etiology. We included 12 patients. All exams were performed using a 1.5 Tesla scanner with a phased array carotid coil. A repetitive coronal real-time SSPS image with a temporal resolution of 4 images per second was acquired. MRI findings were compared to the results of the endoscopic examination. Dynamic MRI was able to detect all cases of paresis of the vocal cords (7 of 12 patients).