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Abstract #1526

Evaluation of aneurysm hemodynamics using Phase Contrast Vastly undersampled Isotropic Projection Imaging

Mistretta C, Aagaard B, Moftakhar R, Johnson K
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Currently, the size, morphology, and location of aneurysms are evaluated as possible predictors of rupture in the diagnosis of vascular disease. However, more reliable predictors for which aneurysms are at risk of rupture are needed. Using a novel MR imaging sequence, PC VIPR, we have obtained correlative intra-aneurismal pressure measurements in the canine bifurcation and side wall aneurysm model; and demonstrated methods for both qualitative and quantitative fluid velocimetry. Initial canine studies show quantitative correlation of pressure gradients calculated using PC VIPR and those obtained using invasive catheterization.