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Abstract #1538

Voxel-wise exact T1 Estimation for Accurate Quantitation of Perfusion Indices using Fast 3D-SPGR in Intracranial Mass Lesion

Rathore R, Bayu G, Purwar A, Rathore D, Sarma M, Singh A, Gupta R, Mohan P, Haris M
Indian Institute of Technology

The conversion of signal (S) to absolute Gadolinium-DTPA concentration [Gd] for quantitative perfusion studies continues to be problematic. The conversion of the signal from a spoiled gradient echo sequence to concentration requires pre contrast T1 for which multipoint inversion recovery has been one of the most precise mean of measuring T1 in tissues; determination of T1 using this, however, requires a long scan time. Here we propose and demonstrate a very promising new method requiring less scan time for voxel-wise exact T1 estimation followed by a quantitative analysis of dynamic concentration curve for the measurement of various perfusion indices.