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Abstract #1557

Diffusion Tensor Imaging Findings in Rett Syndrome Patients

Farage L, Izbudak I, Bonekamp D, Zhang W, Bibat G, Mori S, Horska A, Naidu S
Jonhs Hopkins Medical Institutions

Twenty Rett Syndrome(RTT) girls and ten normal controls were evaluated by diffusion tensor imaging by measures of fractional anisotropy (FA) and apparent diffusion coefficent (ADC). Significant age related evolution of DTI values were found in our study in both patients and controls. No overall difference in ADC and FA between the hemispheres was detected. FA in the Rett patients was lower in the forceps minor, in the genu of corpus callosum and in the posterior thalamic radiation. Involvement of specific white matter tracts in RTT might indicate regions of vulnerability that could be target to treatment strategies in the future.