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Abstract #1566

The added value of MRS in brain tumor diagnosis

Juli-Sap M, Coronel I, Majs C, Serrallonga M, Candiota A, Acebes J, Aguilera C, Ars C, Cos M, Godino O
Universitat Autnoma de Barcelona

To-date, no prospective studies have tested whether SV MRS at 1.5T significantly helps MRI in typing and grading brain tumors. A one-year prospective study at a single institution was conducted for this purpose. MRI and MRS information was analyzed independently. Then, radiologists and spectroscopists respectively exchanged their predicted tumor types and confidence ratings and reevaluated MRI and MRS. MRS was analyzed integrating several pre-existing decision-support systems for classifying brain tumors. Statistically significant differences were found for several tumor types and grades. With current decision-support systems, MRS significantly helps MRI in discriminating high-grade from low-grade tumors.