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Abstract #1587

Anti-TNF-alpha does not cause acute demyelination.

Emmer B, van der Bijl A, van der Grond J, van Buchem M, Huizinga T, Breedveld F
Leiden University Medical Center

Neurological symptoms have been reported in arthritis patients treated with anti-TNF-. It has been suggested that symptoms could be the result of demyelination. To find such changes, we performed Magnetization Transfer Imaging, DWI and MRS of the brain in patients before and after anti-TNF- administration. MTI histogram peak heights of white and gray matter decreased significantly after the use of anti-TNF-. No changes were observed in ADC or metabolite ratios. Our results suggest that although MTI parameters point at a decreased parenchymal integrity after the use of anti-TNF-, it is not likely that demeylination is one of the major effects.