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Abstract #1622

Accuracy of q-space derived parameters in MRI - A phantom study of system-induced limitations

Ltt J, Brockstedt S, Topgaard D, Malmborg C, Sthlberg F, Sderman O, Wirestam R
Lund University

The aim of this study was to compare the system performance regarding q-space measurements between a 3.0T clinical MRI scanner and a 4.7T NMR spectrometer. Phantom measurements were performed on n-decane, at the two systems. The measurements give similar D and the measured FWHM values differ between the two systems, due to different resolution limits. In MRI, Gmax is a limiting factor for achieving high q-values and hence, it will also affect the minimum obtainable resolution. In the same way the resolution affects the kurtosis measure since the signal attenuation curve will no longer represent a full Gaussian distribution.