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Abstract #1632

Isoflurane strongly affects the diffusion of intracellular metabolites in the brain, revealing the contribution of subcellular restriction to metabolite ADC

Valette J, Guillermier M, Lebon V, Hantraye P, Bloch G

Isoflurane is commonly used for diffusion NMR spectroscopy experiments in animals. However, isoflurane is known to impact membrane fluidity, possibly increasing permeability to metabolites. In this work the effect of isoflurane on metabolite ADCs is evaluated using diffusion tensor spectroscopy in the monkey brain. Metabolite ADCs exhibit strong increases when isoflurane dose varies from 1% to 2%. This is interpreted as a consequence of the facilitated exchange between subcellular structures at high isoflurane dose, while metabolites remain confined in these structures under normal conditions. This work provides new insights for interpreting ADC values as measured by diffusion NMR spectroscopy.