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Abstract #1634

Single Breath-Hold Whole-Heart 3D CINE Imaging Using kt-BLAST and kt-SENSE

Niendorf T, Niendorf T, Bunke J, Kouwenhoven M, Katoh M, Buecker A, Guenther R, Spuentrup E
RWTH Aachen University Hospital

kt-BLAST and kt-SENSE were combined with a whole-heart 3D steady-state free-precession (SSFP) CINE sequence to allow data acquisition during a single breath-hold. Global cardiac function of seven volunteers was assessed using a 5- and 8-fold accelerated 3D CINE approach. Image quality was compared to conventional 2D CINE imaging. In addition, physiological parameters of the left ventricle (EDV, ESV, SV, EF, and LVM) were analyzed. Whole-heart 3D imaging demonstrated good image quality allowing for image reformation in arbitrary orientation. The value of measured EDV, SV, EF, and LVM, however, were significantly smaller compared to 2D imaging.