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Abstract #1636

Single breath-hold 3D cine imaging of the heart: a non-angulated isotropic acquisition using SENSE on a 32 channel system

Boubertakh R, Noble N, Winkelmann R, Brnert P, G. Hill D, Razavi R, Muthurangu V
King's College London

Single breath-hold cardiac 3D cine imaging requires minimal planning and subsequent 2D reformatting allows analysis of cardiac function. In 8 volunteers 3D cine data was acquired on a 32 channel system using 2D sensitivity encoding. Image sharpness, contrast and motion fidelity of reformatted 2D cine images were diagnostic. However, they were not equivalent to conventionally acquired 2D cine images. Volumetry results were comparable. However end diastolic volume was underestimated and end systolic volume was overestimated when using reformatted short axis data. We believe that once optimized this technique will allow more widespread use of cardiovascular magnetic resonance.