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Abstract #1655

Navigator Gated High Temporal Resolution Tissue Phase Mapping of Myocardial Motion

Jung B, Zaitsev M, Hennig J, Markl M
University Hospital

Data acquisition for Tissue Phase Mapping (TPM) in the myocardium is typically based on multiple breath-held 2D measurements. In order to overcome limitations of breath-hold acquisitions, an improved navigator-guided technique was implemented. TPM measurements with 3D velocity encoding were performed in 12 volunteers during breath-hold periods with a temporal resolution of 69 ms and compared to free breathing acquisitions with a temporal resolution of 13.8 ms. Measurements with high temporal resolution reveal details in the motion pattern of velocity time courses. Results are highly promising such that high resolution TPM may offer the possibility to assess previously undetectable motion abnormality details associated with pathological left ventricular performance.