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Abstract #1657

Comparison of Myocardial Velocities Obtained with Magnetic Resonance Phase Velocity Mapping and Tissue Doppler Imaging in Normal Subjects and Patients with Left Ventricular Dyssynchrony

Bhasin M, Cole R, Leon A, Eisner R, Oshinski J, Merlino J, Delfino J
Emory University

Measurements and reproducibility of longitudinal myocardial velocity and time to peak longitudinal velocity made with MR PVM and Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI) were compared in 10 normal volunteers and 10 patients with dyssynchrony. MR and TDI measurements correlated well (r=0.86) in both normal subjects and patients with dyssynchrony. However, MR PVM velocities consistently exceeded TDI velocities. MR and TDI agreed strongly in measuring the time to peak velocity (r=0.97). The reproducibility of TDI and MR PVM appeared similar in measuring peak velocities (13.1% vs. 11.0 %, respectively, p=NS) and time to peak velocity (9.1% vs. 5.7 %, respectively, p=NS).