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Abstract #1665

Comparison of diffusion weighted helium-3 MRI in patients with asthma versus those with COPD

Fain S, Altes T, O'Halloran R, Korosec F, Grist T, Evans M, Sorkness R
University of Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin

Helium-3 diffusion weighted MRI was applied to subjects with asthma with no smoking history. The apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) for the subjects with asthma (N = 21, Age 35 &[plusmn] 13 yrs) was compared to identical measures in healthy never-smokers (N = 24, Age = 50 &[plusmn] 15 yrs), and patients with COPD grouped with active smokers (N = 16, Age = 53 &[plusmn] 17 yrs). Results of a group-wise comparison show that mean ADC is significantly reduced in subjects with asthma compared to healthy never-smokers and active smokers with and without COPD even after age correction.