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Abstract #1667

Velocity Encoding MRI with SENSE: Utility for Assessment of Disease Severity in Pulmonary Emphysema Patients

Ohno Y, Koyama H, Takenaka D, Fujii M, Sugimura K, Nogami M
Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine

Diagnosis of right ventricular failure due to secondary pulmonary hypertension in patients with pulmonary emphysema (cor pulmonale) is considered essential to estimate their prognosis. Recently, velocity encoding MR (velocity-MRI) imaging has been proposed as a substitute for cardiac echocardiography or catheterization for assessment of hemodynamic information in cardio-pulmonary disease. We hypothesize that parameters from velocity-MRI can assess severity of pulmonary emphysema according to functional and morphological information, and may play an important role for management of pulmonary emphysema. The purpose of present study was to determine the utility of velocity-MRI for quantitative assessment of severity of pulmonary emphysema.