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Abstract #1669

Measurement of Intramyocellular Lipids in Obese Subjects Using Spectroscopic Imaging with High Spatial Resolution

Courivaud F, Karlsson A, Weis J, Johansson L, Ahlstrm H
Philips Medical Systems

IMCL quantification in obese subjects by single voxel spectroscopy and conventional spectroscopic imaging fails often due to overlap of IMCL by strong extramyocellular lipids (EMCL), and by strong signal contamination from subcutaneous fat and bone marrow. We demonstrate, that solution of those obstacles can be high-resolution spectroscopic imaging with 128 phase encoding steps and read gradient during acquisition. Small voxels that can be achieved facilitate differentiation between EMCL and IMCL. The method offers the possibility to study different muscle groups and the variation of lipids within one muscle.