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Abstract #1671

In Vivo quantification of intramyocellular lipid in Mouse hindleg muscle

Fissoune R, Briguet A, Hiba B, Janier M
Laboratoire de RMN CNRS UMR 5012

In vivo 1H-MRS has been applied successfully in human and animal to investigate the muscle lipids metabolism. However, no in vivo studies of IMCL pools from mice have been published because of the small size of muscle and the strong EMCL signal contamination. This study shows that a good selection of the VOI, the position of muscle in order to B0 and high shim quality are necessary to obtain a good discrimination between lipids resonances.we demonstrate that non-invasive in vivo 1H-MRS can be used for lipids quantification in mouse muscles. That could be interesting for metabolic and physiologic investigations of obesity, diabetes and insulin resistance mouse models.