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Abstract #1674

1H-MRSI in Human Calf Muscles at 3T: Ordering Effects and Intra-myocellular Lipids

Boesch C, Kreis R, Vermathen P
University & Inselspital

Eighteen MRSI measurements in different calf muscles of nine subjects were performed at 3T. The separation between resonances from intramyocellular lipids (IMCL) and from bulk lipids was clearly improved at 3T with complete separation in some spectra. Cr and Tau showed the expected dipolar splitting depending on the muscle fiber orientation, however, better resolved than at 1.5T. While 24x24 MRSI (acquisition time 10 min) is sufficient to determine metabolite concentrations and fiber orientations in numerous muscles, higher spatial resolution measurements (80x80) with longer acquisition times are feasible and may be helpful in studies of obese subjects.