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Abstract #1678

The typical IMCL distribution pattern in rat tibialis anterior muscle remains unchanged after high-fat diet or fasting

De Feyter H, Prompers J, Nicolay K
Eindhoven University of Technology

Recently, we showed a pronounced inhomogeneous distribution of intramyocellular lipids (IMCL) within rat tibialis anterior muscle (TA), which correlated with the typical fiber type regionalization. The present study reports on high-fat diet and fasting as dietary interventions to manipulate IMCL levels and the typical pattern of IMCL distribution in the rat TA muscle.Fasting did not induce any changes in the TA IMCL levels, in contrast to the high-fat diet, which increased the IMCL levels in the TA by ~100%. The typical IMCL distribution pattern, however, did not change, despite the dietary interventions.