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Abstract #1681

In vivo assessment by 31P-MRS of skeletal muscle mitochondrial function in patients on long-term Home Parenteral Nutrition

iotti s, Malucelli E, Testa C, Tonon C, Barbiroli B, Lodi R, Pironi L, Guidetti C
University of Bologna

We assessed the mitochondrial functionality in a group of patients affected by Chronic Intestinal Failure receiving long-term home parenteral nutrition (HPN) to understand to what extent the nutritional status affects the bioenergetics of skeletal muscle. Results show that patients may present an impairment in the skeletal muscle energy metabolism which, however is not related to the HPN infusion frequency, duration and energy content. We hypothesise that the mitochondrial dysfunction may be a consequence of the peroxidative stress due to intravenous lipid infusion leading to an increased concentration of reactive oxygen species.