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Abstract #1685

Mitochondrial Capacity and Oxygenation Measured by 31P MRS and Near Infrared Spectroscopy in Healthy and Diabetic Subjects

Fulford J, Armstrong N, Shore A, Tooke J, Ball C, Sriraman R
University of Exeter

31P MRS and near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) were undertaken during an exercise protocol to measure mitochondrial capacity and oxygenation status in healthy and diabetic subjects. Significant differences were obtained for the PCr recovery rate constant, tau and the NIRS rate constant, tNIR following exercise cessation. Values of 38.9 16.7 sec and 75.8 42.5 sec (p=0.014) for tau and 0.48 0.31 mins-1 and 0.21 0.05 mins-1 (p=0.033) for tNIR, were obtained for healthy and diabetic subjects respectively. This supports the hypothesis that diabetic subjects have impaired mitochondrial capacity (larger tau) and oxygenation (smaller tNIR).