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Abstract #1720

Quantitative assessment of clinical stage of aplastic anemia by using dual phase chemichal shift sequence

Kozawa E, mizukoshi w, Heshiki A
saitama medical school

Thirty-two aplastic anemia patients were included in this study with 1.5 T MR imaging units on TE=4.6 msec for in-phase and 2.3 msec for opposed-phase on dual phase chemical shift sequence. We compared the signal intensity ratios (SIRs) of mild type, moderate type and severe type of aplastic anemia patients in 32 patients. The mean SIRs of the three groups were significantly different according to the Tukey-Kramer test (P < 0.05). In-phase and opposed-phase dual phase chemical shift MR imaging help in predicting clinical stage of aplastic anemia.