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Abstract #1723

Tendon Imaging Using 3D Ultrashort TE Scanning

Brnert P, Rahmer J, Bos C, Groen J, Mens G
Philips Research Laboratories

Ultrashort echo-time imaging (UTE) is a technique to image otherwise invisible short-T2 components in tendons, ligaments, etc.. 3D radial free-induction-decay (FID) sampling schemes can be used for volumetric UTE imaging with isotropic resolution. 3D image data allow the extraction of non-planar slices for the visualization of complex anatomies, e.g., the course of tendons in a joint. Conspicuity of tendon tissue can be improved by creating images that contain short-T2 components only, e.g., by forming a subtraction image between the short-TE FID and a later echo. This contribution demonstrates the potential of non-planar slice extraction from 3D UTE subtraction image data for tendon visualization in joints.