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Abstract #1725

Determination of Anisotropic Velocity Profiles in Muscle Using Wave-Guide Constrained Magnetic Resonance Elastography

Abraham P, Romano A, Ringleb S, Ehman R, Rossman P, Bucaro J
Naval Research Laboratory

In this paper, we implement a previously introduced measurement and analysis approach labeled Wave-Guide Constrained Magnetic Resonance Elastography, which was developed for analyzing waves in guided structures such as muscle, white matter tracts, and neuronal fiber pathways, and which does not assume any a priori anisotropic model. We analyze the waves propagating along particular muscle fiber pathways utilizing space-wavenumber analysis and determine the zero-order anisotropic wave-guide velocities as functions of position. The approach will be demonstrated using a 3-D MRE in vivo measurement of a human calf muscle excited acoustically at 90 Hz.