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Abstract #1733

The study of ulnar variance with high-resolution MRI: correlation with triangular fibrocartialge complex and cartilage of ulnar side of the wrist

Tanaka T, Ueno T, Carrino J, Winalski C, Lang P, Weissman B, Yoshioka H
Mayo Clinic

The relationship between ulnar variance and TFCC or cartilage of the lunate and the ulnar head was examined in 93 subjects with high-resolution MRI using a 47-mm microscopy surface coil. Ulnar variance measured on MRI showed a strong correlation with TFCC thickness and TFCC angle, while there was no correlation between ulnar variance and cartilage thickness of lunate and ulnar head. High-resolution MRI with a microscopy coil is useful to evaluate the pathology of the ulnar side structures of the wrist associated with ulnar variance.