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Abstract #1757

1H-MR Spectroscopy of the Prostate at 3.0 T with a phase-array surface coil

Traeber F, Morakkabati-Spitz N, Jaeger U, Wattjes M, Bastian P, Schmitz A, Schild H, Guer O, Gieseke J, Bloemer R, Block W
University of Bonn

Purpose of our study was to optimize acquisition parameters of single-voxel and of spectroscopic imaging sequences for 1H-MRS of the prostate at 3.0 T, and to test the feasibility of highfield MRS without use of endorectal coils in patients suspicious for prostate cancer. Almost in-phase detection of the strongly coupled citrate spins revealing a quadruplet structure at 3.0 T was achieved using TE 132 ms. The summed signals from choline, polyamines, and creatine were related to the citrate intensity, and this metabolic ratio discriminated cancer from benign hyperplasia with 67% sensitivity and 86% specificity in 26 biopsy proven cases.