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Abstract #1773

Ranpirnase-induced changes in blood flow, lactate, and ATP levels in A549 human NSCLC measured by noninvasive near infra-red spectroscopy and magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Magnitsky S, Sunar U, Yodh A, Milkevitch M, Lee I
University of Pennsylvania

Cytotoxic RNase, rinpirnase (ONCONASE: ONC) caused apoptosis in A549 NSCLC cells, along with significant inhibition in tumor growth. Tumor 1H and 31P MRS was used to monitor the lactate and ATP levels on A549 tumor cells after treatment with ONC. Tumor perfusion was noninvasively measured by a Near Infrared Spectroscopy method. We observed ONC-induced increases in tumor perfusion during the first 120 minutes. In contrast, ~20% decrease of lactate level was observed using non-localized MR spectroscopy, caused by the removal of tumor acidic metabolites. In conclusion, ONC may be a new and promising drug for the treatment NSCLC.