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Abstract #1793

Multi-contrast whole-body 2D axial MR imaging during continuous table movement for tumor staging

Zenge M, Brauck K, Stock F, Mark L, Vogt F, Barkhausen J
University Hospital Essen

Whole-body MRI has become well established for the evaluation of metastases in patients with malignant diseases. We compared the feasibility and accuracy of a 2D T2 and T1-w real-time whole-body imaging protocol during continuous table movement with PET/CT as the standard of reference in 13 patients. All lesions as seen by the PET/CT with a diameter greater than 6 mm could be visualized by real-time MRI. Contrast-enhanced sequences were the most accurate for tumor detection. Real-time whole-body imaging is a promising method for tumor staging, providing an extended FOV and fewer motion artifacts than breath-held approaches