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Abstract #1817

Positive Contrast Visualization of SPIO Labelled Cells by Diagonal-SPRITE

So P, Bell J, Kalber T, Herlihy A, Protti A
Hammersmith Hospital, Imperial College London

Superparamagnetic iron oxide particles (SPIOs) have been used to label a range of cells. Whilst gradient-echo based pulse sequences are commonly employed, signal voids arising from susceptibility agents such as SPIOs cannot be distinguished from bulk susceptibility differences. The origin of the signal voids may be discerned by the application of Diagonal-SPRITE, a UTE method, which can also be employed to achieve positive contrast. In this study, Diagonal-SPRITE MR methods were used to provide positive contrast of SPIO labelled cells in vitro and in vivo by subtraction of Diagonal-SPRITE images obtained at different phase encoding times.