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Abstract #1822

MR Apoptosis Imaging and Evidence of Apoptotic Nanoprobe Passing Across the Blood Brain Barrier

Lee D, Sun C, Veiseh O, Zhang M, Olson J, Ellenbogen R, Sze R, Hansen S, Gunn J
University of Washington

Iron oxide based nanoparticles have been synthesized with PEG (polyethylene glycol) coated and annexin V conjugated in order to achieve target imaging on apoptotic brain tumor, medulloblastoma (D283). Successful particle uptake by apoptotic cells was observed to acquire linear relationship between the degree of apoptosis and iron concentration. The particles (np-PEG-annexin V) injected through tail vein were taken by normal mouse brain for several hours then cleared out approximately 12 hours after the administration. This indicates a strong evidence that the small size of the nanoprobe synthesized for the apoptotic imaging allowed the passage across the blood brain barrier.