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Abstract #1835

The optimization of liposomal formulations for molecular MR imaging

Mulder W, Nicolay K, Kluza E, Strijkers G
Eindhoven University of Technology

The present study was aimed to optimize the relaxivity properties of liposomal molecular MRI contrast agents. Measurements of the molar relaxivities r1 and r2 were done as a function of the content of Gd-DTPA-containing lipid and temperature at 0.47 and 1.41 T. The study demonstrates that liposomes with a high payload of Gd-DTPA-lipid are attractive candidates for the MRI-based detection of sparse molecular targets. The liposomes containing 25 mol% Gd-lipid are most suitable, because they exhibit the highest relaxivity per mM liposomes with acceptable r2/r1 ratio.