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Abstract #1847

Design and synthesis of a novel gadolinium-based MR contrast Gd(DOBAPATA) for MR imaging of calcium

Mishra A, Pfeuffer J

A novel MR contrast agent was developed to report on changes in calcium ion concentration. Gd(DOBAPATA) is a hybrid MR contrast agent, which binds gadolinium and calcium selectively. The calcium binding chelating agent was derived from an amino acid and conjugated to the gadolinium binding agent DOTA. EDTA type of chelating agents are known to have high affinity towards calcium and can function as reporters of calcium ions. Bis-amino-phenylalanine tetraacetate was linked with DOTA via amide to function as an extracellular MR contrast agent for imaging calcium ions to report on neuronal activity. Here, we present first in-vitro MR relaxation studies.