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Abstract #1873

In situ and in vivo magnetic resonance imaging of iron labelled dendritic cells in the mouse

Budinsky L, Hess A, Baumjohann D, Lutz M, Brune K
Institute of Pharmacology, FAU

The aim of this study was to visualize DC cells non-invasively by MRIin a mouse model. First, we established and verified an efficientlabelling method for DC's by clinically approved agents: smallparticles of iron oxide (SPIO) and protamine sulfate. Labelled DC'swere injected into one food pad and thesame amount of unlabelled into the other. The cells migrate into thedraining lymph node via lymph vessels. Using a 4.7 T scanner and a dedicated mouseresonator weimaged these popliteal lymph nodes of the DC injected and control sideusing a T2 weighted MSME sequence both in-vivo and in-situ.