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Abstract #1875

Temporal monitoring of an SPIO labeled, optically traceable tumor mouse model

Quijano J, Wong T, Liu W, Xie J, Herzka D, Li K
National Institutes of Health Clinical Center

In this work, we present a dual-labeled mouse tumor model that allows monitoring of cells over time. A cell line of human melanoma cancer cells that constitutively expresses enhanced green fluorescent (EGFP) protein was incubated with superparamagnetic iron oxide (SPIO) particles. The cells were optically traceable using multispectral optical imaging, providing a true measure of viability as only live and functioning cells produce EGFP. Furthermore, the cells were detectable by MR imaging techniques sensitive to susceptibility-based contrast. Tumors were observed using the two complementary imaging modalities over 4 weeks and histology was correlated with imaging results at different time points.