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Abstract #1893

Difference in Migration Pattern of Mouse and Canine Stem Cells Detected by in Vivo MRI

Magnitsky S, Walton R, Wolfe J, Poptani H
The University of Pennsylvania

Murine C17.2 neural stem cells, murine primary neuronal stem cells (NSC?s) and canine neuronal progenitor cells (NPC?s) were labeled with iron oxide particles, transplanted into neonatal brains and monitored by in vivo and ex vivo MRI. Transplanted C17.2 NSC?s migrated throughout the brain while mouse (NSC?s) and canine (NPCs) cells exhibited much less mobility and most cells concentrated within the lateral ventricles. In vivo detection of migration pattern of different NCS in mouse brain indicates differences in engraftment potency of these cell lines and may facilitate stem cell based therapies of neuronal diseases.